Acquisitions (One Night Stand: LVL3)


Jamie AngelopoulosConor BackmanSangho ChoiStephen CollierAustin EddyPaul KennethLiz NielsenSabina OttDerrick PiensJosh ReamesZach Reini

LVL3 presents Acquisitions at MOUNTAIN, an exhibition of works acquired by Chicago collectors through LVL3. Looking back through the archives of LVL3, this exhibition pulls together a selection of memorably displayed pieces that helped build personal collections and broaden the creative dialog surrounding the second city and beyond.

About the Series:
One Night Stand is an exhibition series where an external gallery or curator is asked to present an exhibition at MOUNTAIN. For the first iteration of One Night Stand MOUNTAIN has asked LVL3 (Chicago) to curate a group exhibition of the gallery’s choosing.

About the Gallery:
MOUNTAIN is an artist-run apartment gallery in Bushwick presenting exhibitions, performances, and screenings by emerging artists. The gallery is open during scheduled events or by appointment only. MOUNTAIN was founded by Michael Fleming in 2016.

Opening Reception
284 Seigel St, Brooklyn, New York 11206
Friday 3 June 2016

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